How to Publish a Book in 2019?

In earlier days, if you wanted to learn how to publish your book, the only option was to find an agent who in turn gets an established publisher to check your manuscript. Actually, most companies didn’t even bother opening your manuscript if it did not pass through an agent. 

This kind of precess made learning book publishing really hard. Even searching for an agent was not an easy task. But it is 2019 and you don’t need that long and tedious procedure. 

Learning book publishing these days is easy than it was before. There is a lot of free information online that is shared by expert authors. Apart from that, there are several ways to access professional services to publish your book. Here is how to publish your book this year.


If you are new to this, I will tell you more about self-publishing. This is a way of publishing your book individually on sites such as Amazon minus needing a conventional publishing house. Unlike, traditional methods of publishing, self-publishing is a fully independent path without any restrictions to entry. This means anyone with access to an internet connection can write and publish an ebook and sell it tom millions of online readers. 

What is the cost?

This is among the questions that anyone who wants to go the self-publishing way will always ask. The cost of publishing a book is not the same and varies based on your book’s length, the price you set, and production costs. 

Several things will determine the cost of self-publishing your book:

  • The design of the book’s cover
  • Editing of your book
  • The book’s length as this affects the printing costs.
  • Promotional materials or ads if you want to advertise your book

Why do you want to publish the book?

Before you even get into the first step of publishing the book, ask yourself what is the intention of publishing the book. Once you find the reason behind your writing of a book, you will be committed fully to ensuring the process is successful.

Start writing the book

Anyone who had tried writing a book, he will tell you that there are moments when you just stare at an empty page for many hours. This makes you procrastinate with nothing done for that day. Well, this happens nearly to every writer. The best way to handle this is to decide your writing procedure. You can start by creating an outline and a calendar. These two will keep you organized and focused. Don’t forget to create an inspirational work area – take a look on book publishing process steps

Get feedback

Once you are done writing, don’t dump it. Give it to your colleagues and family. They might help improve one or two things. Use the feedback they give to improve the book and make it worthy of buying.


Once you are done with everything and have chosen the title of your book, ensure you hire an editor to have a look at your book. It will improve spot the errors and ensure it is free of mistakes.